Yoga Radio Ripples

CHLY Volunteer Programmer Profiles How does a busy yoga instructor whose current practice exceeds 100 students a week manage to fulfill her responsibility to share her knowledge and reach out to even more students? She proposes yoga radio to CHLY, an independent station, and lets the ripples permeate the atmosphere. Just shy of her ten […]

Dealing With Difficult People

An organization I have been working with for almost 10 years recently offered me another chance to look at difficult relationships. During this process, I found myself bristling every time another member of the group attacked or deflected discussion of the issues that rankled him. Unlike the suggestion from the Sage Patanjali, who abjures us to replace […]

You Have Come Here To Find What You Already Know

“You Have Come Here To Find What You Already Know” (attributed to the Buddha) I am closer to 66 than 65 and with that realization I quail sometimes at the challenges I have set for myself. Those old nagging questions come up like, “Who do you think you are?” Readers of Canadian fiction may recall Alice […]