Troubled Water: Do you know what’s going on with your water supply?

“Water is Blue Gold, it’s the oil of the twenty-first century.” – Maude Barlow Living through the rainy months on the west coast, a statement like Barlow’s can give you a ‘Yeah, I wish!’ response but if you’ve ever travelled to the global south and spent time living in communities were access to clean drinking […]

Voices of the River – Film Premiere and Soundtrack LIVE Event

Voices of the River – Film Premiere and Soundtrack Live event September 21st. Local filmmaker Paul Manly is set to release his documentary film about the Nanaimo River watershed ‘Voices of the River’ at Nanaimo Centre Stage, 25 Victoria Road, on Sept 21st. There will be two screenings, one at 7pm and one at 9:30pm […]

Community Bicycle Co-op

The United Nations has recognized 2012 as the International Year of Co-operatives, and Nanaimo is well on its way to representing itself proudly in this regard. Opening in March, a Community Bicycle Shop will join the ranks of similarly structured organizations such as the Nanaimo Pottery Co-Op, Nanaimo CarShare Coop and the Vanisle Sailing Co-op. Hub […]

Social Justice: Poverty in Nanaimo

“If the poor weren’t so conveniently invisible, maybe we’d come to our moral senses and devise a national strategy for eliminating poverty.” Toronto Star, 2007. Imagine yourself in a state of constant dread. That’s poverty. Poverty means hunger, inadequate nutrition, substandard and unsafe housing, or no housing at all. Poverty means always trying to find […]

Changing the World, One Town at a Time

Find your place on the planet, dig in, and take responsibility from there. ~Gary Snyder Municipal governments take care of the details. They build skate parks, protect or develop land, and invest in infrastructure (or not). They decide if you can raise chickens in your back yard, whether or not you can spray pesticides, and how […]