Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative

From the Carshare website: The Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative is a non-profit community cooperative carsharing organization incorporated in November 2010 to serve the Nanaimo region of central Vancouver Island. Individuals and employers join the Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative. These members reserve time on the Co-op’s shared vehicles through a Co-op managed online and telephone vehicle reservations system. […]

Sequence of Silence and Sound:

“Gold and shadow is the music of Dane Letourneau and friends…it is also an arbutus in the blazing glory of the afternoon, the contrast of pavement and path…. Sun melting into everything you see, or warm earth between your fingers,” writes Dane Letourneau of Gold and Shadow on the band’s website. The Nanaimo based band […]

Green Building

Benefits of Green Building and Compact Community Development Green buildings and compact communities reduce the impacts of our built environment on the natural world. Green buildings use less water and energy, and generate less waste than conventional buildings.  Compact communities minimize the area of land converted to housing, support alternatives to the automobile and have […]