It Felt Like The End Of The World

Three decades ago, my life was humming along in a predictable way. The children were growing up with only two left at home. I had given up alcohol. Both my wife and I had good jobs – I as a university professor and she as a personnel officer for a large corporation. Our marriage was […]

Create a More Conscious and Fulfilling Life

You have been on a quest for self-improvement. You meditate and pay attention to self-care. You have managed to stop worrying about the future for the most part. You try to think positively about everything, and you are giving back wherever you can. You’re certainly a happier person than you were five years ago.   […]

From Twelve Steps to One Step

In the 1950s and 60s most adults in North America smoked cigarettes or other tobacco products. We thought nothing of it.   However, increasing research evidence of tobacco health risks began to overpower the tobacco industry’s portrayal of smoking as safe and cool. As the evidence mounted, increasing numbers of people quit smoking or never […]

Set Your Course

The practice of setting goals has probably been around forever, but reached prominence a few decades ago. In the ‘70s every business, every government department and every solo professional was admonished to set annual goals and long-term goals. It was preached as the only way to achieve success.   In the past decade, goal setting […]