The Tiny House Movement

This is a compilation from two blogs by: Alex of and Gregory Johnson of       The Small House Society is a voice for the Small House Movement. The movement is the result of concerns about what we are doing to our environment, and what our environment is doing to us (wild fires, […]

For Better or For Dirt

My husband is always working hard and in a hurry. I used to try to match his pace, which meant frequent (sometimes twice a day) vacuuming because he doesn’t have time to remove his footwear. How I hated it: the horrid roar, the musty dusty smell, the sweat-inducing struggle to drag a contraption that’s always […]

Book Review: A Reasonable Life

A Reasonable Life… Toward a simpler, secure, more humane existence” by Ferenc Maté, ISBN 0-920256-30-9 How did life become so complicated? How is it that in a few short decades we have become so disconnected with what is really important? – our relationships with our families, friends and our connection with nature. We have come […]