An Act of Spirituality

  In our complex world, it is easy to divide “reality” into separate components, thus fail to see the interconnections between them all.   What is most exciting for me is to watch people beginning to understand the bigger picture as the dots increasingly get connected between all of these “specialities.” This is happening in the […]

Stop Manifesting!

Many people come into the idea of law of attraction and manifesting, and begin to consciously TRY to manifest things. The idea of manifesting, an innate and inevitable outcome of being focused in physical reality, is handed over to the conscious mind – the ever eager doer. You squint your eyes, you try to focus […]


What attracts us to each other? There are, of course, a variety of ways we feel drawn to other human beings, pets, events, causes, etc., ranging from the fun to the serious: mutual interests or concerns, humour, insights, romance, and many other elements draw us to one another.   Sometimes we are attracted in more […]