Naked Angel

He’s very tall and handsome, with a velvety baritone that gracefully rounds out his light Dutch accent. A big smile and large coppery-hazel eyes are topped by soft brown hair. His kindness immediately puts me at ease. I’m aware of his adept conversation skills, those which require listening as well as speaking.  Introduced, I do […]

Selfynergy = Self-Synergy

Selfynergy = Self-Synergy…The map to InPax, or Inner Peace a.k.a. Youtopia. The human soul is not a lone pearl, solitary and single. It is a jigsaw, a magic eye picture, a collection of different strands woven together to form the tapestry of our Selves. We all inherently comprehend this simple and basic idea. Each strand […]

Book Review: Narrative Medicine: The Use of History and Story in the Healing Process

“Narrative Medicine: The Use of History and Story in the Healing Process” by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D., Published by Bear& Company ISBN 978-1-59143-065-0 Dr. Mehl-Madrona treats each of his patients as a unique individual with a history and a story rather than simply a diagnosis. As well as listening with compassion, he offers a traditional […]