Trauma Out Of Time

It is only fairly recently that the idea of transgenerational recovery has made its way into therapeutic fields. The critical need to look back, in order to move forward intelligently, consciously and innovatively, is becoming more apparent. Simply, we can say that in utero and in childhood, a child receives a certain number of messages. […]

Releasing the Past with EFT

There’s a popular saying that perhaps you’ve heard before: “Your issues are in your tissues.” What a beautifully concise way to describe the human condition. All of us, through no fault of our own, are carrying the past around inside our bodies. Painful things happen throughout our lives, and these events leave imprints in our […]

Journal From a Mom

Writing and journals are windows into my life, helping me stay sane and clear during chaos and fear, time and time again. It’s strange that I’m here on the Gorge waterway in Victoria—where I lived and played as a child—praying that my son will recover from this senseless head injury. It happened Sunday night, I […]

Create a More Conscious and Fulfilling Life

You have been on a quest for self-improvement. You meditate and pay attention to self-care. You have managed to stop worrying about the future for the most part. You try to think positively about everything, and you are giving back wherever you can. You’re certainly a happier person than you were five years ago.   […]

Radio – Heart and Mind: Tools for Change

This weekly radio talk show was aired on CHLY 101.7 Radio Malaspina. In the following recordings, your hosts, Nicole Shaw and Dirk Becker, explore topics that provoke, prod and encourage.    In a society that has become increasingly individualistic and heavily dependent upon “mind”, this show encourages listeners to access their “hearts” in order to […]