What is Truth?

What is truth? How do we know what is true? When one looks at the earlier evolution of this word in English and other European languages, one finds that it was created from something other than what we know as facts at this point in history. Do you know the ‘truth’. Are you sure? What […]

Humanity Man

Well, hello there, my dear and fellow zombie. I am so glad you chose to join us once again. When Nicole emailed me the theme to this issue of Synergy, I was reminded of a quote I once read. I can’t recall if it was Oscar Wilde or that girl on “Here Comes Honey Boo […]

Truth, Righteousness and the Slippery Slope to Hell

Ramblings of an Old Flower Child: Truth, Righteousness and the Slippery Slope to Hell I cannot help but notice the prolific posts on the net asserting various truisms, imperatives and calls to action. It seems to be the latest way to picket. Yet we are not on the streets with like-minded souls, braving the elements. […]