Having Power

With excitement and anticipation I tore the stickers off of the parcel from the post office. My friends, caught up in my enthusiasm, watched with anticipation, and then shook their heads in disgust when they saw some simple black electrical switches and wires. Was this all I was waiting for? But who are they to […]

What Will We Choose?

In the quiet moments of our minds it is entertaining to listen to some of the thoughts that bounce in and out of our consciousness. Lately, I doubt if there is one among us who cannot find thoughts of economy, debt or loss of jobs. You cannot turn on a television or radio without hearing […]


To inspire humanity to make empowered, conscious choices in all areas of life, for the higher good of all.

Love in Action

Thirteen neighbours met around a kitchen table, and changed the world. Their conversation was simple. They talked about being new grandmothers, about what was happening in their neighbourhood, and about the richness of their lives. They enjoyed each other’s company and decided to meet on a regular basis. Coffee and conversation were to be the […]