Life from the Inside Out

When I began to meditate I had the hope that I could explore some of the inner workings of my mind and find something of interest there. After all; meditation is simple, right? Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Inner attention can dissolve in an instant when we are worried, upset, angry or distracted. During the course of a single day, […]

Active Wisdom In Aging Bodies

The fastest growing age-group coming to yoga is mid forties to sixties. Perhaps that is because Iyengar teaches yoga that anyone can do. Maybe you’ve had luck but are now facing the effects of a stiff and aging body and the attendant discomforts. In any case we hear, over and over, “I used to be able to ________” (fill in the blank). Indeed. […]

Yoga Radio Ripples

CHLY Volunteer Programmer Profiles How does a busy yoga instructor whose current practice exceeds 100 students a week manage to fulfill her responsibility to share her knowledge and reach out to even more students? She proposes yoga radio to CHLY, an independent station, and lets the ripples permeate the atmosphere. Just shy of her ten […]