Women and Yoga

Yoga has become a multibillion dollar industry, owned and operated primarily by women in the Americas. The unique history of this modern phenomenon is a story in itself. Can you name a famous yogini?(a female yoga follower). Or even one who is able to make a living studying and teaching yoga? We know that the history of modern postural yoga dates from the […]

The No-Fun Judge

Oshin Vartanian, a Toronto based neuroscientist, puts willing subjects into a brain scanner and asks a standard question, “What can you do with a brick?” He wants to see what happens in the brain when people shift from thinking about the standard responses to imagining the brick as an earring for a Giantess or a tombstone […]

You Have Come Here To Find What You Already Know

“You Have Come Here To Find What You Already Know” (attributed to the Buddha) I am closer to 66 than 65 and with that realization I quail sometimes at the challenges I have set for myself. Those old nagging questions come up like, “Who do you think you are?” Readers of Canadian fiction may recall Alice […]