The Body Ego

We are in the western technological societies. These societies are seeded with certain commercial interests at this time that have a control over what is given on television, radio and in print.

They have an agenda that is to sell an idea which is meant to be sold to the populations. Often it is of a problem that is orchestrated into being significant as an issue by insinuating a deficiency within the personal self worth of a group demographic or age bracket of individuals. Not always but often.

The trends that are given can have the effect of programming a comfort zone by which we judge ourselves with regards to the physical body and it typically isn’t a positive reinforcement.

Are we too slender or too fat. Too tall or too short. Are we muscular or are we not. Big nose, odd ears, thinning hair, no hair, and many others. These characteristics often carry with them the opportunity for negative self image. Which I believe is the point. “Go here and get this nose job or color your hair with this product or burn fat with this product” and so forth.

The problem is created and the answer is sold.

I would like to take this moment to let you know that you are beautiful just the way you are. No need to buy a product or succumb to negative trend based programming. You are fantastic and handsome and beautiful just as you are.

And if you need to change your appearance one way or another let it be for a “health reason” that you discern to be truthful because even our personal health image is up for sale. So be careful living up to an expectation that isn’t really yours.

This brings us to the ego. We often want to be accepted by others in society. Yes, this is natural. We sometimes want to be part of the group. To have social stature in one form or another. Often with the Kundalini we have struggled for acceptance in these areas already or are struggling even now.

Yet there is no need to struggle for acceptance from others if one is doing so. As we accept ourselves we have taken the best route for self fulfillment. We must love ourselves just the way we are and yet even that is soon going to change.

Kundalini is all about change.

Now we must work to separate our self worth from the egoic structures. This means letting go in many cases of those very trends that we have been lead to believe were important.

Letting go of these expectations of looks or size or status. Letting go of competition. This in turn allows the emotional body to realign and the mental body to reposition. When we become at peace with who we are and how we are we take the big steps towards opening to the love that flows strongly within the Kundalini. There is nothing left that we feel negative about with regards to the ego based self judgments. We are clean and unattached.

Inside of this freedom we begin to flow strongly and the infusion is unblocked and very joyful as we are gifted into the next stage of our enlightenment process. There is very little pain.

Honestly take a look at yourself and be glad for your age or for your size and for your looks. Be joyful that you are alive and inside of a flesh body that is in a position of taking a huge leap in evolution. You are most blessed and whether it occurs here or somewhere else you are in the process of transforming the body from a five sense mortal being to a luminous divine being of immeasurable potential and possibility — a divine human being.

So let those ego issues go, there is work to be done!


Chrism is a native of California in the United States. He travels, awakening the Kundalini in groups of people safely and with continued support throughout the many years of the Kundalini awakening experience. Kundalini, as it expresses through Chrism, is the teacher.