The Commute

Many people in some towns or cities spend half an hour to an hour commuting to and from work. I live on Quadra Island and I commute to work, but my commute is WAY different than bumper-to-bumper traffic.

I hear some islanders complain about the whole commute thing and they eventually give up and move to the "big” island. There are those of us who stick it out, perhaps because we have migrated from the big cities and find a line-up visit with friends and a ferry ride across the ocean a breath of fresh air.

It’s all about perception and past experience. I was checking in with our rental guests from Victoria and they were commenting on how weird it was without curtains to protect them from the outside. I didn’t even consider hanging curtains, knowing the setting is isolated and surrounded only by nature and forest. I forgot what it is like to need privacy and curtains to provide that escape from the outside world. But to feel naked among trees is curious to me.

September is a time to reflect on peace and non-violence, with the International Day of Peace landing on September 21st. I believe, for peace to become possible, the ideology of a melting pot is outdated. It is impossible, in a world of six billion, eight hundred and thirty-one million people, for us all to even remotely think alike. I believe all we have in common is the desire for love and understanding. What is required is an appreciation of our differences. More than that, a celebration is in store. It is impossible for anyone of us to have the same perception given our diverse and varied past, not to mention our various personality types.

Mahatma Gandhi had a vision of peace and non-violence. He claimed, "Democracy and violence can ill go together. Evolution of democracy is not possible if we are not prepared to hear the other side.” Tolerance and understanding is needed as we move forward into a world that is loving and understanding.The ferry horn blows and we are off on another commute to Campbell River. I scan the deck below and see a group of teens with sleeping bags and back packs heading home from, no doubt , a camp experience. There are cars loaded with kayaks and vacation trailer homes, surrounding a transport truck and cube van.

We are all on individual journeys across the Discovery Passage. Our destination is the same but the paths are as varied as there are people. Just like life, our varied paths are many but when we draw our last breath, the same door opens for all. Let’s celebrate.