The Dream Awakens

Through years of living on this planet, we notice that there are different kinds of dreams: dreaming during sleep, day dreaming while awake, and the Dream in one’s heart. Cultivating the Dream of the heart plays a vital role in all aspects of health and well-being; it brings significance to life. Additionally, being conscious of night dream revelations and the habits of day dream thoughts can alter one’s entire perception.

  After awakening, the tendrils of night dreams weave through thoughts during daily activities. The mind can wander into daydreams such as if only and some day; the world of what could be, rather than the world of what is now. The heart Dream is a grounding point of reference and the fertile root base from which the energy of life springs.

  The horse is a common change symbol in dreaming. One night in my dreams there were horses off in the distance being frisky. Suddenly one of the horses turned and began galloping in my direction. Time stood still as the horse galloped close by. Embracing change in waking life can be like riding a horse. Sometimes the reins are held tightly: be in control … this is the way to go … hold on! Other times, they are released: let’s give up … there’s no point in trying … it’s out of control. The middle way is trusting, with reins loosely in hand, ready to fine-tune direction as new information is revealed. 

  To be consistently in the present is challenging when thoughts of limitation surface: Where is the money going to come from? Or When will this ever be finished? Similar to laundry in a washing machine during spin cycle, these thoughts, like the laundry, are in a limited space, going round and round. By using imagination to stop the spin cycle, possibilities open up as each piece of laundry, each thought, is pulled out to hang on the line. Here’s a should. There’s a have to. Such thoughts can then be seen for what they are, allowing the fresh breezes of gratitude and abundance to transform them into the Dream.

  What is my Dream? Is it to inspire myself and others, to make time to express passion for life through laughter, writing, art, dance, music, conversation and silence?  

  In moments when the next step is unclear, there are always questions: What wants to happen here? Each act in daily life is an art form. The big myth is that “the future” exists, that somewhere in the distance dwells the Dream, fully grown, that will be discovered “one day”. In fact, the Dream is always in the gift of the present, the ever present. When we are ready for the Dream, the Dream is ready for us, often seeded by daydreams. 

  For example, for years my daydream was to have a piano, to add dimension to creativity awakened in childhood. One day at a friend’s house, my longing gaze at her piano was followed by my question: “When oh when will a piano manifest?” The spin cycle was dizzying. 

  “Have you ever considered an electric piano?” she asked. 

  There was a bump in the spin cycle, and the limiting thoughts of the size, heaviness and sensitive tuning of a piano flew out the window. The constructs of “the future” myth distinctly collapsed. The next day a phone call to a friend’s music store revealed that he and his partner had just decided to sell their electric piano because they were about to inherit a traditional piano. Within a week my daydream became reality in my cabin! 

  We are the co-creators of our lives, along with the creator and chorus of angels. Dare to trust that all things are possible and be prepared to be awe-mazed! Whether we agree with one another or not, we each have a purpose, perfect in this big picture of creation. 

  Being present, in the only moment where breath, healing and love exist is where we realize the Dream of who we are here to be. Energized by daydream seeds of manifestation (the yes, the willingness) and night dreams that resolve and reveal (imaginings), each morning eyes open as in us the Dream awakens.


Lynn Thompson is the host and producer of “Living on Purpose”. She resides on Vancouver Island, BC. Her website is