The Ease of Manifesting

In a moment of uninhibited hilarity, where laughter tumbles into our awareness, like joy never left, or wanted for… a clue is waiting. In music making, notes are spontaneously animated in hands where instrument strings and drum skins carry meaning outward effortlessly. Like talking, words, thinking and meaning seem to arrive at once delivered from sources unknown but trusted through life long use.

Yes, once we but cast our intent, allow, and trust, an every day magic from Source delivers. The evidence for our apparent status and ability as co-creators in a grand universe unfolding is there all right. But how do we make the jump to bigger, creative projects that seem outside our realm of possibility on a personal level? Maybe the answer is found in the creative freedom that we do allow and experience every day.

Could successfully understanding the "how” of abundance and empowerment be noticing the "feeling tone” highlighted in the difference between holding your breath and just finally breathing deeply and freely? Might not the telling magic of casting a creative desire be found in surrounding our intent with an internal environment of utter freedom and acceptance, as found in the daily miracles we manifest without a doubting thought?

The Law of Attraction follows our unresisted expectations. We create things all the time that are never in doubt; or rather, fall within the familiar and habitual where we have significant degrees of confidence. These things are experienced precisely because we are not in emotional and/or intellectual resistance to them. For example, one is in resistance to money when one is deeply afraid of what it means to have it or holds a belief that it is impossible to acquire. But many people live within a budget throughout their adult life which does not change drastically up or down, but remains within their expected norm. There is resistance to moving outside this range as extreme poverty or wealth is actively avoided on a deep level.

People who are accomplished at extremely challenging art forms and extreme sports are blazing examples of unimpeded universal creativity in flow. These people make seemingly out-of-the-norm, creative exploits look easy, but what if it is easy by nature to be that in flow with creativity? Why not cut to the front of the line and practice the feeling of "easy”, or "ease”, when creating and attracting any of one’s desires?

The idea here is to experiment with associating the feeling of ease and utter acceptance during the whole process of manifesting our intended desire. Our imagination and choice is powerful enough to project and create an emotional environment that effectively suspends rationality, negative feelings and doubt, which all restrict (and often kill) creative flow.

Once one accepts the potential of this type of maneuver of awareness, then it becomes about learning how to create the conditions for ease, and letting go of the common emphasis of "doing”one’s way into a desired experience. The act of manifesting then becomes more about "being” and less about "doing.”

We can learn to hold the feeling of "ease” to such a degree that the desired experience is emotionally assumed to have already manifested effortlessly. As in drawing breath, we just pull in air and let it go, and so we draw to us that which we desire and release gratitude and appreciation before the fact of our desire’s oncoming arrival. Now may be a good time to check inward to notice your degree of acceptance to these ideas.

The strategy then would be to find a quick way to get into the feeling of ease in regard to creative action. Let’s start with something everyone is effortlessly very good at and comes infinitely easy. In fact, the easiest thing we can do, is simply "be”. We can always use that profound pause in the moment and the utter ease in which we experience what ever IS, to be our reference feeling and knowing of "easy”! Really, try this now: just simply notice that which IS. Then notice that you can notice and how utterly easy it is to notice, or have self awareness of whatever is in the moment.

One can also pick something at little less open-ended, when getting the notice and feeling of "easy”. Take any skill or ability that was once hard and now feels easy. Do that activity and cast your attention to how it feels when it is effortless. Observing might bump you out of the flow; but with practice, one can become both the doer and the observer!

Now do some imagining in the moment around something you want to create and experience. Choose to hold the feeling tone of "easy” in association with that desire, regardless of the incoming resistance of distracting thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. The degree to which you give credence and reality to, will be the telling factor here: do I believe and give power to my resistance, or do I give myself as fully as I can, to acting, feeling and believing my desired creation within the full context of ease?

One can practice this form of seemingly reckless and radical suspension of common sense until the cows actually do come home! But sooner or later, one’s will and attention will be compromised by resistance in the form of doubts, emotional suffering and limiting beliefs. In fact, invalidating the little maneuver of awareness outlined above may be the first order of business for our maintenance of disempowerment. One quickly comes to realize managing resistance in the form of choosing that which is easy, or in ease, is a powerful component of successful manifesting. For you cannot be in resistance to that which you hope to successfully create for yourself.

Learning to understand and use the Law of Attraction is very much an art form that involves mindfulness, which is a life long discipline. Success in using this law naturally draws one into self awareness as conscious manifesting implies empowering ourselves to which many of us have varying degrees of resistance. Deep victimhood and the art of living a life with deliberate creative choice and natural compassion are not compatible. Intense resistance often times is quick to compromise our best efforts at manifesting.

Again, we are constantly challenged with choosing which perspective we are going to give our power to: the victim, or the joyous courageous creator. Ultimately, freedom from deeper patterns of intense resistance calls us to get real with what that resistance is, and experience it consciously in order to heal and release the suffering involved. There are varying methods of this type of self-directed healing, meditation being one of the most empowering. However, strategies for deep, self-directed healing are the stuff of another article.

Manifesting with a commitment to remaining aware will soon present us with the deeper, more subtle information contained within both our resistance and ease. Fear, hate, rage and other dysfunctional beliefs and emotions will become known; as well as the aspects of ease, in the form of excitement, joy, laughter, appreciation, and expanding self awareness – the whole human drama!

When these emotional storms roll in, the truth of our lives is exposed as well as the amazing opportunity to deepen our involvement in the evolving work of art that our lives are. Suffering and confusion can be used to clarify and provide the leverage we need to call forth our deepest aspirations and values. The caution of course is in not fixating our attention and feelings on what we don’t want, but on the complete acceptance of that which we do want.

Our feelings are a true guide to how much resistance we are holding toward the seemingly unlimited abundance life holds and will flow into our experience. The ego’s arrogance is in the assumption that it can hold its breath for a lifetime of suffering, regardless of the costs involved. Another path exists for us; and with some investigation and experimentation, we can see that drawing forth our heart’s desire, can become effortless.

Darren Knorr is a local entrepreneur and student of life, attracted to projects with heart and ideas that rock.