The Four Truths

A few weeks ago, I heard from a teacher in a meditation group, that there are four Truths about our world. I understood them this way: First Truth: there is suffering. Second Truth: there is desire and want. Third Truth: there is peace and healing. Fourth Truth: there are ways to alleviate the first two Truths, and attain the third.

The four Truths helped me to understand the events that took place in 1995 when I worked as a registered nurse in a busy burn unit. We witnessed the first Truth everyday in the burn patients. Their suffering and anxiety was intense, and spread to family, friends, and the medical staff. We felt the second Truth when we wished for the suffering to stop. The third Truth became apparent when we felt in the deepest part of ourselves that peace and healing was possible. We depended heavily on medicine, surgery and various therapies to bring the healing we desired. We felt helpless at times when the suffering persisted. After 10 years of being in that environment, I was fortunate to be introduced to energy based healing.

The beauty of energy based healing is that it helps reduce the suffering of both the patient and the practitioner. When we practice energy based healing, we learn to take a deep breath, pause, bring our thoughts into the present moment, set our intention to help someone, and call in healing energy at will. We learn to offer this energy to another, which then stimulates and supports their own healing energy. We do not use our personal energy: the healing energy actually helps to replenish it. It requires a few minutes; about 1-20 depending on the situation. Within minutes, there is a deep sense of relaxation, and a reduction in anxiety and pain. Over the longer term, wounds, cuts and scrapes improve, and it brings from within a deep sense of peace, caring and compassion. Everyone benefits, including our families, our partners, our children, friends, co-workers and pets. Anyone with a sincere intent to help or heal can learn, because it is an innate ability present in all human beings. We are born with it; it needs only to be remembered: just watch a little child approach someone who is crying.

There is no requirement other than being you, only you, present and willing to help. It is about love. This is the fourth Truth. There are ways to help suffering. Energy work is one of them. We are aware of the great need in our world for the healing arts. When we practice them, we help ourselves, and we help others to understand the four Truths.

Huguette Ruel is a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner/Teacher for the North Vancouver Island Region and participant in the Campbell River Hospital Volunteer Relaxation Program.