The Golden Age of Aquarius

The Golden Age of Aquarius

Attention, did I forget to mention ascension?

Let’s hope this poem causes no tension,

For now it is the time to lift up all that is

This topic will make your mind fizz

It’s all about the climb of mankind

Of how we can free our mind

To swim in an infinite pool of bliss

Where the heavens will reach down, and give us all a kiss

The true warriors will come out to ascend, defend, and mend

Do not fear this end

For it will bring the Golden Age

And this is when the world will realize there is no need for rage

The flowers, rocks and mountains will be smiling

And singing… ting ting ting!

by Sara Daigle-Stevens

I love you, Namaste, In Lak’ech!

Sara Daigle-Stevens is 17 years old and in the process of awakening to her soul’s frequency.