The Healing Benefits of Massage and Bodywork

There are many benefits to massage and other types of bodywork. The well known benefits include relaxation, stress release, increasing flexibility, lowering blood pressure, alleviating pain and discomfort, and strengthening the immune system, among others. This healing connection—Body, Mind, and Spirit—is becoming more favorably acknowledged everyday. When your body is in a state of balance and harmony, so is your mind. You will find your mind isn’t clouded with feelings of pain and discomfort, or worrying about their origins. You can better focus on feeling great.

While putting myself through school, I held a job at a local restaurant. One day, my boss was telling me that he had a minor ache in the lower region of his spine, which was becoming worse daily. Accompanying the pain was an increasing feeling of stress and worry. Thoughts of his future and what he would do with himself were becoming overwhelming. After receiving some massage and acupuncture, he felt he was on the right track. Over time, he continued his treatments and his feelings of defeat were being replaced with a new light on life. He gradually learned about the effects the Body has on the Mind! While your body affects your mind, so does your mind affect your body. I once read a statement—"Happiness is as light as a feather.” I understood what it was saying to me, but the degree that I understand it now has surpassed more than I could ever have imagined.

One lady I knew would go to her weekly massage appointment strictly for rest and relaxation, never taking a moment to tap into what would really make her feel better. The idea of an acupressure treatment caught her interest, and she decided to give it a try. She received a release method, which deals with loosening the neck and shoulders, is good for headaches, and eases the feelings of frustration. The next morning, after just one release, the lady felt amazing. It turned out that the heaviness she felt in her body influenced her emotions, which built up and created her body’s tension. She found that working on her peace of mind had the utmost effect on the way her body felt.

The third healing connection, and possibly the simplest and most complex part of the circle, is our soul, our spirit. Our spirit is the essence of our health and well-being. Wholeness is the harmony of the body and the psyche, thoughts and feelings, self and environment. This is real health. Worrying about getting sick or telling ourselves "I never feel good” can result in those exact ailments. We need to change those into statements like "I feel great”, while at the same time, working towards doing things to treat our soul and spirit. Activities like bodywork, yoga, and just going out for a nice walk, will help to treat our body. To help bring ourselves to balance and ease, we can try meditation to help clear the mind, and take time for hobbies, going places, and seeing people that make us feel happy. Being conscious of healing ourselves is really what the Body, Mind and Spirit needs.