The Heart Knows

It’s probably the sun’s apparent climb into the northern hemisphere and the promise of light, after the months of darkness that stimulates the desire to make resolutions at this time. Whatever it is that drives us, this time of year seems to be the prime time for reflections and resolutions.

No one can tell us to make a resolution and sadly even those we make of our own accord often fail to be achieved. Impulsive and unconscious decision making could be some of the reasons why our usually vocal declarations fall by the wayside. Wishing simply doesn’t make a desire come true, personal effort and commitment inevitably must be in the mix. And, let’s face it, our hearts must be in line with our intentions if success is to be achieved. Having our heart behind our various aims in life is no longer simply poetic instruction.

In the last 100 years, major strides have been made in numerous areas of study, thanks to something called quantum physics. What has been learned about us humans, especially about factors surrounding our consciousness, has been some of the most fascinating and thought provoking information imaginable. The expanded understanding of consciousness contributed to the re-examination of earlier work that had been disregarded because it failed to fit into the previously accepted ideas of reality.

One example of a discarded finding was the notion of neurotransmitters, which transmit information from one cell to another, existing within the heart and gut. In 2004, the work of Canadian scientist Dr. John Armour, from the University of Montreal, validated this idea moving it from the rank of speculation into the rank of acceptance.

Throughout the ages, personal experience has repeatedly confirmed the truth of this information, just as ancient religions, wisdom schools, poets and mystics have. Unfortunately with our limited and divisive view of the world, we were encouraged to disbelieve these truths.

Times are changing! It has been proven that our hearts and ‘guts’ are sources of reliable information. As a result, the knowledge provided by these sources has taken on a whole new meaning and value within our bodies.

No longer does the old adage, "Use your head!” carry the weight it did at one time. Now the adage of choice is, "Follow your heart!”

Before we can follow our heart, we must take the time to find out what it is saying. To achieve this goal, lines of communication must be opened between our gray matter and our heart. Chances are this will be easy because our language certainly supports this possibility: Intuition, foresight, being psychic, and of course simply being strange!

So what does all of this have to do with resolution? Everything!

Each time we take an action that is congruent with our heart’s desire, we feel a sense of calm within and unity with everything around us. Isn’t that what we all desire in life, a sense of calm within and without? Simple actions that lead to inner peace make huge differences and their ripple effect can be immense. So maybe some time this year we can decide within ourselves to listen to the advice of our hearts.

It won’t be necessary to make this commitment to our heart in January, any other month will work just as well. In fact, January may be the perfect time to develop the habit of listening to our hearts in preparation for the following month. February is the month in which we celebrate the knowingness and love held within our hearts by giving chocolate and sweets to those we love.

This February may be the perfect time to give a simple Valentine to Mother Earth. Instead of chocolates, our Valentine to her could take many forms: a compost bin, limiting the use of plastic, picking up our garbage or simply planning a chemical-free garden and more.

Any of these actions will warm the heart and give us cause for celebrations. As the sun continues to rise higher in our sky and as the days become longer, our hearts will yearn for the creativity and beauty of the spring the coming light promises..

May this be your very best year! _______________________________

Bell’s Theorem presented in 1964:

"Human conscious and the physical world can not be regarded as distinct, separate entities. We can not be separated from the earth we live on any more than we can be separated from the far reaches of the cosmos”.

Confirmed in 1974 _______________________________

Phyllis is a counsellor whose joy is found in teaching, writing and lecturing, focusing on consciousness and individual awareness.