The Human Non Renewable Resource 

In many ways we strive to live more intimately with our planet. We work, play and live in her forests; we swim, dive, row, fish, motor, sail in and on her waters; we fly, fall through and glide in her airstreams. We cannot live apart from her. Every breath we take, every step we take, every bite we eat joins us intimately with her. To understand this synchronicity it is important that we stop looking out of our eyes at the world in front of us, and look behind our eyes at the world within and her connection to us.  

The story we are playing out in today’s world of renewable energy alternatives can only be successful if humans understand this deepest of connections. 

The blood of the earth is her waters, streams and oceans. Her veins, arteries and capillaries nourish all parts of her body. Every particle of that which gives her life gives us life as well and is our essential source. Our blood is earth blood that makes Life itself. It is the primal force that fuels the power and mystery of birth, disease, war and violent deaths. We cannot separate ourselves from her. 

Her air gives us breath for our lungs, her soil nourishes our bodies, her fire allows us warmth and cleansing, her metals give us tools to create with, and her wood creates safety and security. The pathways within, over and under the planet are reflected in our organs, nerves and meridians. This intuitive understanding is the fundamental relationship we rely upon for our survival. To live in harmony with our planet we must accept this intimate connection on the deepest of levels. 

We celebrate this sacred union whenever we perform prayer, meditation or chanting. We honor her sacredness to us when we tend her wounds. We grieve now when she is in pain, even while realizing that our hands have created that pain. We come now to a place where we can no longer excuse ourselves for not understanding this. Just as dark only exists relative to light and light only exists relative to dark, our life on our planet only exists if we consciously recognize this total interdependency. 

Humankind plays the intellectual game of “economic reckoning”. This means nothing as we continue our extreme demands on the Earth’s non-renewable energy resources. We know it is our actions that have determined the present lay of the land. The planet will continue to live with or without humankind. In order for us to survive it is imperative that we accept total conscious living with her.  

Even those of us least conscious can use less gas, walk instead of ride wherever possible, support local businesses, recycle, waste less, travel less, consume less, even if just by 10%. If we don’t do this then we ourselves will become a non-renewable resource. 

The choice is ours, together, to make.

Published by Dr. Pauline Wolf

Dr. Pauline Wolf, is an educator and holistic health practitioner in Campbell River, B.C.