The Path of Least Resistance

Our world is in constant motion and change. Everything in the universe passes through cycles of growth and renewal. As one season comes to an end, a new one begins in nature’s ancient, unfailing rhythm.

As living beings, we are continuously evolving. Nothing within us stays the same. We are constantly transforming as we make our way on our human journey. Every encounter is an

opportunity to grow and progress along our path in an ever expanding awareness of who we are. When we accept the opportunity, we get to practice patience, generosity, humility, and service, and fulfill our purpose in life.

Each of us is a unique being on a unique path to our destiny. But we are also part of a greater oneness, a divine Perfection, that connects us together. We are never alone. We are continuously supported and guided along our journey by signs from an invisible Source.

The key to our happiness lies in surrendering to a universal wisdom greater than ourselves. The Source is where everything comes from. Everything begins as an idea. An idea is like a seed that needs fertile soil in which to grow. The Source is like a field of pure potential. Whatever is sown here will grow. We can sow the seeds of the peace and love and abundance that we desire in our lives by connecting with the Source. Connecting with the Source involves listening to the stillness within and accepting the way life is without resistance.

Resistance comes from wanting life to be different from the way it is. When we resist what is, we spend a lot of time and energy trying to prevent or control what happens. Resistance creates stress and ends up blocking the flow of creativity, and inhibiting our learning and growth. Life is the way it is so we can learn the lessons it has to offer at the perfect time, in the perfect measure. The path of least resistance lies in our accepting each lesson as it comes. When we are open and responsive to life, life is open and responsive to us.

Letting go of our resistance involves reconciling our thoughts and feelings from the past. Resistance is associated with disappointments, regrets, resentments and fears that we carry inside as a protection from pain. But resisting pain inevitably creates more pain by locking ourselves in the past, in our own isolation.

We can reconcile the past by accepting everything that’s happened in our lives. Everything happens for a reason. Every encounter we have contributes to our understanding. Every person we meet is a teacher. Without them, we would not be who we are.

When we accept life the way it is, without conditions or expectations, we free ourselves from the prison of the past, and awaken to the beauty and inspiration of each moment.

The world is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. As we grow in acceptance of what is, life’s circumstances begin to reflect the joy and meaning within. The stresses of daily life gradually dissipate as peace permeates our thoughts and actions.

And as waves of creative energy flow within us, life becomes a remarkable adventure, full of opportunities to explore the mysteries of the Source, and discover the secrets to our happiness.

Dr. Cam Dodds is a naturopathic physician practicing classical homeopathy and personal growth and awareness counseling in Nanaimo.