The Undivided Self

Nature is a manifestation of beauty and grace. It exists in absolute harmony with what is. Nothing is rushed; nothing is wasted; nothing is out of place; nothing is missing. Everything is in perfect balance.

Every element in nature is interconnected with the whole. Each wave fulfills it own unique purpose while its very existence is sustained by the ocean. Nature abides in unconscious awareness of itself, carrying out the exquisite dance of life in absolute alignment with each moment. There is no struggle. There is no resistance.

In contrast, the human journey can be awkward and challenging. The exquisite dance of life can sometimes seem more like stumbling around in the dark. In large part, our experience is a reflection of our state of awareness. Simply stated in the Talmud: "We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are”.

As living beings, we are continuously transforming as we make our way along our path. Every encounter is an opportunity to explore an ever-expanding awareness of who we are. Like a wave, each of us is independent and unique, yet we are part of the limitless ocean, the oneness, the universal, the infinite that connects all things together.

We live in two parallel dimensions simultaneously: an outer world of form, which we know through our thoughts and senses; and an inner world, universal and formless, through which we experience insights that give meaning to our lives. The twin dimensions are joined together in one seamless reality. Currents of energy continuously flow back and forth, unrestricted, between the two dimensions. There is no separation between intention and action, between being and doing, between the unique and the universal. Each is a mirror of the other. We either experience our reality as divided and separate or as undivided and connected. The undivided self is our natural state of being. But when the infinite creates a human experience, consciousness temporarily gets lost in form, identifying with the creation itself. It becomes entranced in the part, oblivious to the whole, like an individual wave that’s unaware of the ocean that sustains it.

The divided self believes that life is unpredictable and dangerous so it fulfill its own expectations of life by attempting to control the course of events. It struggles with what is in an ongoing state of tension and stress. The undivided self experiences life without an agenda. It is free from expectations and opinions about how life should be. Like nature, it is abiding in a state of unconditional acceptance of what is, enjoying the myriad expressions of the infinite without getting attached to any particular part of the whole.

We’ve all encountered the infinite. We’ve all experienced moments of pure wonder while temporarily transcending the confines of our own selves, and becoming an open channel to life’s undivided perfection. Perhaps it was while gazing at the star-filled sky; or witnessing the mystery of birth; or sharing a moment of profound intimacy, celebration, or sorrow. We experience the infinite by turning off the hum of our minds and connecting with stillness and presence. In the state of presence, we are connected with the ebb and flow of existence. There is no conflict. There is no resistance. Nothing is rushed; nothing is wasted; nothing is out of place; nothing is missing. Everything is in perfect balance. The undivided self returns to where its journey started and sees it for the very first time.

Dr. Cam Dodds is a naturopathic physician practicing energy healing, bodywork, and personal growth and awareness counselling.