The World, a Better Place

As part of a homework assignment, I was to enrich lives through creating a better world, share my creativity with others, and empower all to live as divine beings. No problem, right?

Well, it is a problem when you seldom get out to experience the world.

So what to do? For starters, a person has to go outside to see what is out there! I found a wonderful world out there, and many things to do that help make the world a better place.

I started off by going to the Volunteer Centre. I was later called and told where people were needed. Since then I have helped fill shelves, unload furniture and other home goods for resale. I help twice a week, and they do appreciate it.

I got another call to help with crowd control for hockey games.

I met some wonderful people, including the team owners and several members of the security team. My favourite incident was when I looked over one day and saw a very young woman with a baby stroller. I peeked in as I walked by, and saw a pile of blankets, but no child Curious, I inquired as to whether she had a child in the carriage; she told me that yes, the baby was in there, but was under a week old and so was still very small. She showed me her baby hidden under the blankets, and I was quite moved by the sight of that beautiful tiny child.

I continued to talk with the young mother, and my heart went out to her as she told me her mother had passed away, and was not there to help with her first days as a new mom. However, her husband’s mother was arriving to help, so she would soon be in good hands. Her husband arrived, and as we continued to chat, and I found out that he was about to play in the game I was volunteering for. I wished them both the best in life as a new family, and left to let them talk before he suited up for the game.

The next call from the Volunteer Centre was to ask me to help the Greenways Land Trust with their annual Broom and Blackberry bush clean-up at the Haig-Brown property. Although I had volunteered for 2 hours, I ended up staying till all the equipment had been put away at the end of the day. Again, my help was appreciated, and I met some great people.

So, where am I going with this?

I have had fun. I got out of the house! I met some wonderful people. I have gone places I have never been before. I have helped to make this world a better place. Wherever I have volunteered, people have been thankful for my help, and grateful that I came. Volunteering can be heart-warming, and the rewards range from seeing that beautiful newborn baby, only 2 or 3 days old, to the smiles I see, and the hugs I get when I arrive.

Being that I was to enrich our lives thru creating a better world, I feel I have done that. I am sharing this creation with you the reader. Best of all, I know that the young mother I spoke with at the rink knows that someone out there knows she is going to do great, and be the awesome mother that she wants to be, and isn’t motherhood part of being a divine being?

Denis Brisson is a man with a passion for helping teach people how get out of debt. He can be reached at