Thoughts + Feelings = Manifestation

We live in a Universe which not only has physical laws, but also Spiritual Laws and they are working all the time. No sane person questions the force of gravity. It is working equally on a feather and a boulder, as do all Laws. It is with the knowledge of these Laws and how they work that we can gain greater insight and consciously use these principles to create greater joy and happiness in our life.

If I were to give you a GPS ( Global Positioning System ) as you depart on a long hike through the vast land and not explain to you how to use it, you would never gain the value from it. A great tool would be at your disposal and although it was operating efficiently and effectively, without understanding you could easily get lost in the woods.

One of the most difficult Laws to accept is the Law of Attraction. Difficult because it demands that we take personal responsibility for all of life as it happens to us. And yet, when understood, it is the most freeing principle we have at our disposal. It states:

We automatically attract to ourselves just what we are, wherever we are; and however intolerable the situation may be, we are just where we belong.

We are either attracting or repelling in accord with our mental attitudes. We either identify with lack or with abundance, with love and friendship or with indifference. We cannot keep from attracting into our experience that which corresponds to the sum total of our states of consciousness. Our lives are mirrors peopled with the forms of our own acceptance!

Ok, let’s not get too carried away for some of us may move into self punishment for creating the life circumstances we don’t enjoy. Our thoughts and beliefs are so complicated we could not begin to unravel the context of our minds to uncover the link of brain processes that have led us to this destination. We are not only subject to our own beliefs and thoughts but also the accumulation of the collective consciousness (the society in which we live) which we accept.

The key is, although thoughts do manifest into our experience, it is the feeling behind the thought that gives it power. Connecting to how we feel is the guidance system built into our humanity to guide us along our journey.

Thoughts cause feelings, and feelings help guide us. The better something makes us feel, the more in alignment we are with our true expression. Feelings are the link to what we are moving toward. What ever it is we are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming.