Tips to Reduce

Look at a simple, tangible way that you can impact global warming and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you generate. Here are some accessible suggestions. Never underestimate the power of taking the first step!

• Turn your thermostat down 2 degrees for a year and reduce your carbon dioxide by over 4,000 kg

• Unplug your computers, tvs and mobile phone chargers instead of leaving them on standby and save thousands of kgs of carbon dioxide each year

• Use a wind up radio instead … after just four months of listening to the radio for an hour a day you will save 1kg of carbon dioxide

• Wash your clothes in cold water to reduce 1,000kg of carbon dioxide annually

• Keep your tire pressure at the correct level. Driving for 65 miles with tires at the correct pressure will save 1 kg of carbon dioxide

• Don’t idle your car. Shutting the car off for one minute a day over a year will save 1 kg of carbon dioxide Next time you’re considering the drive-through … park the car and walk in. Who knows you may even meet someone nice!

• Replace one regular bulb with a compact fluorescent will save 300kg of carbon dioxide each year

• Use a jug of iced filtered water and glasses at your next meeting instead of bottled water. Reducing two plastic bottles saves 1 kg of carbon dioxide

• Dust off your Starsky and Hutch lunchbox or break out the re-useable containers. Saving five plastic bags a week that you normally use for lunch will save 1kg of carbon dioxide