To Celebrate Your Life Is To Expand Your Life

Why Celebrate?

If you fulfill an intention, if you achieve something, and then you celebrate what you have accomplished, you are acknowledging to your centre and to the universe what you have done. This tends to anchor it as real. 

  Too often, when we achieve something, we forget, or neglect out of false modesty, to celebrate and anchor what we have done. Instead, with no change in pace, we just whimper, “Next!”. We are left with the feeling we haven’t got anything done.

  The second reason for celebrating life is to show gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation. There is a great deal of evidence that  gratitude is a very high vibration emotion. It is good for mental heath. It is good for societal health. It is essential for spiritual health. This in essence makes celebration a prayer of thanks. More on this later.

  The third reason for celebration is very close to the second. It makes you feel good. You feel happy.  And your happiness level is the single best indicator of your vibrational level. It’s your feedback on how you are doing in life.  Then in some kind of circular magic, feeling good itself becomes a reason to celebrate.

  What happens when you don’t Celebrate?

  Those who don’t celebrate life tend to become victims of life. We have all seen examples. George earns a very high score on an examination, and then he dismisses it with, “It was a fluke; I just got lucky.” Karen consistently does the work of three, but privately deflects credit by thinking: They won’t give me credit when they find out how stupid I am. George and Karen are victims of life, even when they accomplish something.

  Victims tend to be unhappy, because life is something that happens to them, not something they continuously create. Being a victim is a recipe for addiction or mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. It produces a low-vibration life.

Celebration is the Fertilizer for Personal Growth

  When someone makes a breakthrough in my office, we celebrate with a “Yes!”; a “Hallelujah!”; or a “Thank you, God!”. When someone makes any sort of progress, we celebrate. We do not ask for perfection; we ask for progress. And as we would do if a child was taking her first step, we celebrate.

  There are many steps to becoming a reiki master. Do you think the reiki master decided to wait until he was a master before he celebrated? Impossible! If he had started his training with that attitude, he would never have become a master. Likewise for the singer, the minister, the meditator, the guru…or you.

  Celebration along the path of growth is an essential part of growth in any skill or wisdom. To celebrate the little movements and bits of life is truly to celebrate life. Celebrating the bits is the route to creating a bigger life, a more whole life, an expanded life, a fulfilling life.

  Celebrate, and life can be a prayer.


Dr. Neill Neill is a registered psychologist in Qualicum Beach. He helps capable people who feel stuck… trauma, relationships, addictions.