Tools for Change

Tips and tools for implementing change in our lives.

• Kaizen (pronounced ki-zen) is a Japanese word constructed from two ideographs, the first represents change and the second goodness or virtue. Kaizen is commonly used to indicate small, incremental changes for the long-term betterment of something or someone (continuous improvement) as in the phrase Seikatsu o kaizen suru which means to "better one’s life.”

Deconstructing Dinner on CHLY.

Listen to this one hour radio program from Kootenay Radio out of Nelson that examines our future of food. Hot topic. Tune in Thursdays, 11am-noon on Malaspina’s CHLY 101.7FM or listen online at, for more info:

Farmer’s Markets:

Shopping at farmer’s markets makes a powerful statement about our concern for where our food comes from and how the people who grow it are treated and compensated.

Duncan: Saturdays from 9am to 2pm, just south of the Silver Bridge. Dodie Miller (250) 743-7055,

Cedar: Sundays until Thanksgiving. In front of the Crow & Gate Pub, 2313 Yellowpoint Road. Phone George Benson: (250) 722-3526.

Errington: Saturdays until September 29, at the Errington Hall, contact Arnold Gill (250) 954-0334.

Qualicum Beach: Saturdays 8:30am to noon at Fir and Memorial. Contact Bill Harany at (250) 752-3087.

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