Tooth Aches

In case you believed the toothache that subsided was from sweets and chocolate, this article encourages you to reconsider that notion.

Did you know that each tooth has an organ-gland-joint meridian connection? This combination of Medicine and Dentistry is practiced in the USA but has its roots in Germany.

Although I’ve practiced energy medicine for years, I was surprised but delighted to see this issue actually addressed on a German television show. The guest was a wholistic dentist. She described how people would come into her office with a toothache, and how she wouldn’t find a cavity. Knowing which parts of the body have a connection to this specific tooth, she explained that often a conversation with her patient will reveal the underlying cause. It is often an emotion.

The whole issue can be more complicated because in Chinese medicine every organ is associated with an emotion such as anger, grief, worry, fear, joy, lack of joy, lack of being nurtured, frustration, inability to let go, and more.

When one of these emotions is prevalent, it affects the associated organ and its meridian. The blocked flow of electrons may result in pain, a cavity, an abscess, a nerve dying, and/or sensitivity. The Chi (electron) flow can be out of balance by physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma.

Let me illustrate by sharing a personal experience. Several years ago, I twisted my ankle. One month later, I was attending a seminar and one of my front teeth began to hurt. Fortunately, I had oil of oregano with me and took 3 drops in the morning and in the evening. The pain disappeared so much so that I forgot to take the drops the following day. The pain began again. I took the drops … the pain disappeared, and so on. Obviously I did not take the toothache seriously enough. But soon the tooth began to change colour and I knew I was in trouble. Upon returning home I went to the dentist and received a root canal treatment.

Curious about the cause of my front tooth’s pain, I looked at a chart I have and found out that the tooth was related to the left ankle.

The structure and function of the mouth is interrelated with the structure and function of the whole body. The Westernization of medicine separated Medicine and Dentistry so significantly that physicians and dentists must now begin again to work together in order to treat problems successfully.

There are many charts available that illustrate how the meridians run through the teeth, such as from the American, D. Klinghardt, MD, PhD.

Our bodies are much more complex as we think. The Energy (Chi, Electrons) flows through meridians and from cell to cell. Along these meridians are the Acu-points that are used in Acu-Puncture and Acu-Pressure.

It wasn’t until a German physician (Dr. Voll) actually traced the electrical pathways (known as meridians) scientifically and proved their existence that western medicine finally began to appreciate and acknowledge their value.

Sensitive teeth are indicating that the whole body needs help. People can find that during stressful times, their teeth can become very sensitive. Pain in the soles of the feet is also a sign that the body is needing help. Remember, the cells communicate with each other when the electrons flow from cell to cell. Not only does this give us warning signs when the body needs help, it also lets us know that the body has the ability to heal itself when given the opportunity to do so.

Anna-Christine Doehring is a Certified Practitioner. She owns Energy All Around Therapies and has clients in Canada, USA, Germany, and Spain. She can be reached at 250-756-2235, 1-888-524-1388,