Truth, A Tool For Strength In A World Of Deception

I don’t think we’re the ones who actually discover truth. And yet it cannot be revealed to us unless we actively seek it, and then trust that it will come…

Considering all the lies we have been told in the name of religion, patriotism, family values, and politics, each of us has a critical part to play in accessing the power of real and lasting truths.

Transpersonal Psychologist and Anthropologist, Angeles Arrien prescribes the following practice for us in her timeless book, The Four Fold Way:

1. Show Up,

2. Pay Attention (to what has heart and meaning),

3. Tell the Truth, and

4. Let go of the Outcome.

This four-step recipe for success is an ancient formula that came from the Basque people. When I remember to use this approach for a challenging situation, it has not failed me. I’ve taught it to all my Community College students, and now I am using it at, what I’m calling, my ‘Mystery School’. It can be applied cross-culturally, but as you’ll discover for yourself, you can’t change the order of the steps, nor can you skip any part. Your truth cannot have its full impact when you leave out essential parts of the whole template!

The closer we come to our individual true natures, the deeper and wider the hitherto hidden world and it’s rich mysteries will open up to us. I recently started a Mystery School for women. It has evolved out of the women’s circles that I have facilitated and participated in for twenty years. The power of a Mystery School directly correlates to the love and authenticity that each individual brings, both to the process of self-enquiry, as well as to their interactions with their fellow seekers. There must exist an agreement to shed the layers of fear and immaturity that obscure the pearl of the Self. As a student immerses herself in the collective soup of a safe learning environment, she becomes more adept at feeling her way towards an ever-deepening truth. When her intuition has strengthened enough, clues are revealed that become timeless keys for unlocking one beautiful gate after another, behind which is revealed the light of more truth.

My curriculum, much like my life, is an emerging design arising from the genuineness that each participant brings. I can joke that the material has not fully revealed itself because it is a Mystery School! To bring the light of your truth and your purest intention to the spiraling dance of the unfolding mystery is to reap the real gold. But as the wise ones from the Basque country knew, it only works when folks fully show up, are present, truthful and let go of control. As some faculty have asked students at the Leadership Institute of Seattle: ‘Are you putting your skin in the game?’ To the degree that you risk your real ‘skin’ and invest your whole self, the results will resonate with your heart’s desire and connect directly to your real purpose.

When you share what is in your heart, exposing human struggles to the light, you are giving your learning community a treasure, returning to you as an invaluable gift.

Your single pointed intention will, over time, create a shape with substance, a foundation upon which your co-learners can build something personally meaningful and useful.

‘If you are not building rooms where wisdom can be openly spoken, you are building a prison.’ ~ Rumi

With the current crumbling of corrupt political and economic structures, we’re being challenged to realign with the dependable rhythms of the natural world. We can strengthen our inner patterns of design. In a living system where the material used is natural, true, and shared, a structure will have integrity (remember Buckminster Fuller’s Tensegrity!). We’ve entered the era of Collaborate or Die. So we get to practice standing firm in our knowing, speaking with authenticity, opening our hearts and minds. Now we can open a powerful portal to the ultimate sustainable energy source: a galaxy of collective wisdom.

Catriona O’Curry is a consultant based in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Bob. They like to travel to Seattle, B.C. and Europe in the summers when Arizona becomes a furnace!