Truth Moves

Winter’s silent retreat has come to an end. Her blanket of snow has melted and the dead brush has been cleared away. Migrating birds make their way northward in great flocks along the coastline just as the herring arrive. Hyacinths and daffodils push their way up through the moist earth. Nature is awakening with the signs of spring.

In our human journey, spring is a time of clearing away what is no longer needed, of making way for new possibilities. It is a time of opening to new opportunities for growth and transformation. Opening ourselves fully involves dropping our demands on the moment and accepting what is. When we close the gap between what we want and what is actually here, we encounter the natural harmony of spirit and form. Allowing this harmony to deepen, the edges of our existence fall away, and we find ourselves descending into the mystery of our being. When we let go of our urge to control what’s here, we discover an inner aliveness. This aliveness is the movement of truth. Truth has no attachments or agendas. It doesn’t need anything. Nothing affects it. It just is.

When truth moves, it clears away old roles and beliefs and tears down virtual walls and defenses. The image of our separate self is stripped away. Nothing is left to hold onto. As truth moves, we discover that we don’t know anything. Every encounter is absolutely unique. Nothing is familiar. We are not who we thought we were. Daily life is not what we thought it was. There are no routines. Every moment is bursting with new life and filled with the potential for realizing a deeper awareness of being.

As truth moves, our being becomes fully exposed and we realize how open and transparent we really are. Our hearts are open and loving. Our minds are open and curious. Our bodies are open and flexible. When truth moves, the infinite is reflected everywhere. Everything is an expression of the eternal. Everything is a part of everything. There are no boundaries. There is no separation. When we see the oneness of what is actually here, we discover our own being expanding to embrace all of it until we fully realize the mystery of who we are.

There is no secret to discovering who we are. There is no divine transmission, no chorus of angels. It’s really very simple. Discovering who we are is like a feather dropping into a pond. The feather allows itself to be taken by the wind and set down into the water, without resistance.

As nature begins her season of new growth, the light of understanding rises on the horizon. Gentle breezes scatter fragrances of love and gratitude. Every experience is an opportunity to explore the mystery of creation. Every moment is an invitation to awaken to the dawn of truth and to live it.

Dr. Cam Dodds is a naturopathic physician practicing energy healing, bodywork, and personal growth and awareness counseling.