Understanding the Signal

From the beginning of time there has been a relative consciousness expanding throughout the cosmos; from emptiness into form, only to return to emptiness once again. This journey of magnificence is the choice of the soul, however, and its only purpose is to understand itself through intention and experience – to be the creator and the created. To know itself as the beginning and to surrender itself to the end, the waves of duality move too and fro. In this, for the first time, the soul had a choice; it had options. 

  The phenomenal manifestation of these choices now takes the form of our relative reality today as we accept left with right, hot with cold and even love with hate. As we navigate the universe, understanding more of our heritage, we leave footprints on the shore, awakening others to a path – a path that can seem oddly familiar. The waves of duality can be turbulent, however, and impressions in the sand can be easily muddled.

  In recent history, the universe has slowly become conscious of itself and that awareness is seen in the form of humanity. For so long humanity has been prisoner to its intellect and its perpetual desire for salvation from the future, resulting in the strife we see around the world. This message of truth has been spoken before, both in human expression and, inherently, in nature’s grandeur. The sages of the past spoke words of timeless wisdom, as their purity is not sullied by technological advancement or scientific debate. In nature we see the Sun’s light gently embracing all it touches, without strain or struggle. The light does not do battle with the darkness; it merely transmutes it into more light. This, too, is the understanding of consciousness as it is the torch of our evolution and our aspiring sunrise that will transmute suffering into peace for all to be liberated.  

  These words I bring forth here, I offer as a tool to help us find alignment with our true Self; the ‘I’ without labels. The greatest tool we all have, however, is the physical form we encapsulate in which to move through time:  our bodies. This tool is the compass for our salvation, as it is constantly communicating with us through its aches and pains and even its pleasures and yearnings. We need only observe, listen and understand its messages. The mind, as well, is a device we use in which to create our world and express our understandings. For the vast majority of us, however, it has primarily been used to label, diminish, speculate, judge and to distort what is (truth). We have created dramas and identities which falsely affirm ourselves as separate from nature and the unfolding soul of the universe. This history of ours has created individualism and ego, but fret not, as this is the precursor to our understanding of unity as a conscious choice.  

  Could this be the next step in our evolution? Not just idly standing on the sidelines waiting for the sixth finger to arrive or the larger skull to house a greater device, capable of telepathy and time travel, but to consciously play a part in our unfolding creation? Could evolution, no matter how difficult it might be to comprehend, be brought about by choice? 

This article is adapted from John’s forthcoming manuscript tentatively titled: “Freedom from Incessant Thinking.” John is a writer, poet and author.