Vibrational Healing

Hypno – sleep

Hypnosis – an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterized by heightened susceptibility to suggestion.

Neurosis – a functional disorder: feelings of anxiety, obsessive thoughts, compulsive acts occurring in various degrees and patterns, dominate the personality with physical complaints without objective evidence of disease.

Hypochondria- an excessive preoccupation with one’s health. A type of neurosis focusing on some particular symptom. Excessive worry about one’s health.

How much influence does what we see and hear have upon us and affect our physical function? It doesn’t seem to matter whether we consciously recognize what’s affecting us or not. Advertisers have long recognized repetition makes a deep impression in the psyche of their potential consumers. For example, why do we pick a particular brand when shopping for an item that offers us a wide choice? Or, what makes us try that strange product that we’ve seen repeated on TV, thinking that we have just had an original idea to try something new?

We are all hypochondriacs to some degree. Suggestions, overt, subtle or even subliminal, are powerful forces in our lives. Influences from advertising, the status quo, or our hidden desires cause us to do illogical things and then rationalize our actions as reasonable – "I always wanted to do this." It is recognized that unconscious or semi-conscious thoughts and moods have a negative effect on our immune system which is a cornerstone to our healthy function.

Do you hear much about health, or rather diseases, these days? Even when we’re not paying attention, we are under massive bombardment from the Media, citing disease conditions, predicting epidemics, suggested treatments, failures and successes, all justified by manipulated statistics. If we really listen, we will sense how subtly effective half-statements and suppositions can convince us of just about anything.

Psychoneuroimunology, a recent branch of medicine, recognizes interactions of brain endocrine and immune systems. One aspect of brain function is the headquarters of body function; a control not separate from what we think, or influences out of our past. Powerful hormones released by our endocrine glands, located in various sites in the body, including the brain, work hand-in-glove with the rest of the nervous system. All of this affects our vital immune system, the front line that keeps us safe and well in a world seemingly set to destroy us with foreign microbes, toxic substances and increasing stress. It has been shown that our immune system is directly affected by the atmospheres of people that we choose to surround ourselves with and places we inhabit.

Anxiety and depression are major enemies in overcoming or recovering from serious illness. Regeneration is a basic life force, the progress defined as what is left over after you successfully meet an impossible problem. To choose regeneration is to be truly awake!

Dr. Ronald Polack discovered Energy in healing while practicing chiropractic. He was led to develop "no force" techniques called Vibrational Healing and has published a book "Vibrational Vitalityā€¯.