Victimhood to Forgiveness

“So that’s how it happened.” I said. “My childhood was not very good.” My girlfriend and I were sipping coffee, while sharing insights from our personal histories. Both of us contemplating, still moved by the thought-provoking Sunday service that we had just left. Experiencing one of Reverend Jill’s Sunday messages is like a deep tissue massage. She kneads at the knots in our perceptions until awareness is released. 

  As I listened to my friend share her childhood stories, I found myself wondering. Do we all have a sad story concerning our childhood? Is there anyone from our generation that can truthfully say they grew up in an environment like the Brady Bunch? I can only speak for myself; and in my experience, the difference between reality and Hollywood was glaringly clear.

  If my suspicions are right, then the majority of our society can relate to a perilous upbringing. We were all victims in one form or another. According to Colin Tipping, author of “Radical Forgiveness”, we have been born into a collective consciousness that is routed in the victim archetype. The more I consider the extent of dysfunction in our society, the more I relate to Colin’s concept on how the victim experience can lead us to transform our lives and the communal energy field. I felt compelled to explore this theory.

  The past is exactly that. In the past! The only accountable moment is the present moment. Assuming that your childhood was not all rosy (sorry couldn’t resist the pun or as my thesaurus says ‘witticism’), then most likely you are carrying childhood perceptions with you into each present moment therefore reliving the past with each future moment. Will you continue to be a victim or shake free of childhood perceptions and be victorious?

  Colin Tipping suggests that the victim archetype allows us to experience fully energies such as anger, hatred and fear through situations in our past like abuse, betrayal and abandonment. Theoretically, with an absolute understanding of the energy frequency, transformation can take place. He suggests we look beyond the illusion of the perpetrator and respond with love. And here lies the magical power that we all possess; the power of choice in which we can transform our future through unconditional love.

  The vibration of love and forgiveness can transform our lives. Through acknowledging victim consciousness, and by experiencing situations that expose us to lower frequencies, we can lean on our knowledge that we are one with Spirit and everything happens according to the Divine Plan. We can then choose to accept our personal histories exactly as they are and then, by using the higher frequency of love, transform the collective victim mindset one act of forgiveness at a time. We can free ourselves from resentment, anger and fear and open our minds to the possibility that everything is as it should be. But, it is only possible through forgiveness and love. 

  My girlfriend and I finished our coffee and our exchange of stories, gave each other hugs and were on our way to our respective homes. In essence, we were truly on our way to our next present moment, our next choice. Do we forget about our past and those who have wronged us? Do we sink neck deep into the victim archetype flailing our arms and screaming, “They did this to me!”? Do we forgive the perpetrators of even the most abominable exploits? Colin Tipping (and Rosi Temple) say, “yes!” Everything can be forgiven with time, with love and with Spirit.

Rosi is inspired to express herself through creative writing by friends, family and the many ‘animal people’ in her life.