Voices of the River – Film Premiere and Soundtrack LIVE Event

Voices of the River – Film Premiere and Soundtrack Live event September 21st.

Local filmmaker Paul Manly is set to release his documentary film about the Nanaimo River watershed ‘Voices of the River’ at Nanaimo Centre Stage, 25 Victoria Road, on Sept 21st. There will be two screenings, one at 7pm and one at 9:30pm each of which will be followed by live performances of some of the musicians that are featured in the soundtrack.

With a diverse range of interviews ‘Voices of the River’ explores the historic and contemporary uses and values of the Nanaimo River.

Many people that Manly interviewed see the Nanaimo River watershed as “the lifeblood of this community.” It is the main source of drinking water for the city of Nanaimo. It is one of the most important ecological features of the mid island region comprising over 800 square kilometers and providing habitat to a wide range of wildlife including rare and endangered species. It is culturally and spiritually significant to the Snuneymuxw people. It is important for the fishing, forestry and tourism industries and it provides a wide range of recreational opportunities for local residents.

“I love the Nanaimo River,” says Manly, “it’s one of the things that makes living in this area so special. In the process of making this film I have seen many more of the amazingly beautiful spots in the watershed, almost all of which are private land and the majority of which are behind locked gates.”  ‘’Voices of the River’ examines the history of why this land became privatized and how the Snuneymuxw people paid a high price for Canadian confederation. There are plans for increased development in the watershed and along the river and pressure from growing water consumption. “There has never been a better time to start the process of creating a long-term vision for the watershed than now. “ says Manly “and education is key to that process.”

The 7pm screening will be followed by an acoustic performance featuring Terry Mack, Paul Beezoyen and Brian Hazelbower and the 9:30 screening will be followed by a performance featuring Prince Pauper, Tongue and Groove and Shane Philip. Advance tickets are $15 for the early show and $20 for the late show and can be purchased at House of Indigo,(6 Church St.), Fascinating Rhythm (51 Commercial St.) and online at www.ManlyMedia.com

Proceeds from this event will go towards the educational component of the Nanaimo River Stewardship initiative and The Land Conservancy (TLC).

For further information about the film and the première visit www.manlymedia.com