Want Spiritual Enlightenment? Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

Want spiritual enlightenment but you’re stuck in the office? In today’s economy there’s no doubt that the common methods of spiritual enlightenment are just not practical anymore. You’ve heard the story before: some lawyer, or university professor, or scientist, suddenly has a life altering moment, and then runs from a job, a family, a whole life in essence, to have a spiritual epiphany, or in retrospect, mid-life crisis. The story ends with them finding some tried and tested way to discover spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes these folks become spiritual leaders, others start working on get rich quick schemes on the internet and others yet are living the good life doing other types of lucrative work that is apparently less stressful, and therefore more spiritually rewarding. 

  The true reality is that there’s no reason to give up your research, your practice, your students or your life to find the same spiritual enlightenment that the more radical and reckless have found out there. Spiritual enlightenment is about a personal inner journey that is going to put any person through the wringer; it’ll make anyone want to run screaming from the office to some tropical island where they can have a vision in their margarita. While it is true that many people need to take the journey to attain the enlightenment, I don’t believe they need to quit their job and run away from the life they’ve already built in order to do it. 

  Change is needed, and the kind of change that is needed in the world right now is one that spiritual enlightenment can offer. A person who is more in tune with themselves, their wants, their desires, their dreams and goals, and someone who is more in tune with the people around them. The world needs a shift in focus from the importance of the individual, to the importance of the whole. 

  Spiritual enlightenment can change the way you see the world, and in turn, change the way you work, which in time will grow and spread to others via the ripple effect. It only takes one person with a vision to change the world, and if you withdraw from the world, it becomes harder to help the world. Sure, for the first little while you’ll be dealing with your own ignored personal issues, but once you’ve come full circle, you’ll be in the position to help others around you.  

  Spiritual enlightenment is only good if you know how to apply it to the world around you. Don’t quit your day job and start some spiritual enlightenment foundation, because this world needs enlightened lawyers, doctors, professors, psychologists, CEO’s and scientists too. We need people who have taken the proverbial leap to change who they are on the inside so that the world around them can also start to change. 

  And guess what? You don’t need a four day fast in the middle of the wilderness begging for a vision; it doesn’t require a pilgrimage to Stonehenge, it doesn’t require an initiation ritual to a secret coven, and it doesn’t even require years of study and practice in meditation, though some of these can aid in the journey if taken with a practical approach. All it really takes to achieve spiritual enlightenment is the willingness to ask yourself the questions, and to dig deep within yourself for the answers you know are there. Below are the questions and the basic technique to delve into them. How you proceed to finding your spiritual enlightenment from here on out is up to you, but I hope you find it. 

  Meditation Technique:

Find a space where you can be alone, either at home or at the office, sit down in that place however you feel comfortable. 

Concentrate on your breathing and with each breath, let go of the stress of your day.

Enter into a relaxed state (you should feel slightly tired, may feel tingling in your body, may feel like you’re in a daze) 

Ask yourself one of the questions on the list three times.

Answer yourself honestly. 

  The Questions:

  Am I truly happy with my life?

  What kind of person am I?

  How do others see me?

  What kind of person do I want to be?

  What changes can I make in my life to make me happier?


Rhiannon Paille is a psychic reader, channeler, medium, healer, druid and teacher of the metaphysical and often intuitive path.