When “Being” Becomes “Doing”

Inspiration comes from the strangest places sometimes, doesn’t it? Being a shop-a-phobic, I was quite surprised, while browsing thru some Greeting cards, to come across a wellspring of insight.

On one card, there was a picture of a fellow in office attire (who by all rights should have been out “achieving”), blissfully sun-napping on a park bench. Or, more accurately, his body was on a park bench, but one intuitively knew his Spirit was light years away exploring some foreign astral terrain. Perhaps he’d called in sick and was hoping he didn’t get caught.

The caption read, “When one can spend a perfectly useless afternoon, in a perfectly useless manner, they have mastered the art of living.”

Beautiful! A fellow earth loiterer after my own soul. Given my druthers, I’d spend my whole current incarnation sun-napping and daydreaming.

I thought of that wonderful verse in the Tao te Ching. “The Tao does nothing and leaves nothing undone.”

Then I thought of how many people, including me in that particular moment, who were caught up in the frantic pace of modern day society, who looked at that card and thought…, “Oh yea…, I remember that.” Just immersed in Being. And in that simplicity of Being, much was getting done.

Lao-tzu also writes, “The sage travels many miles and sees wondrous sights, without ever leaving the house.”

At a Sweatlodge Ceremony a few Sundays back, we participants inside the lodge were accompanied by two Life Givers (women) who stayed outside by the fire. What struck me at that Sweat, was how present the two of them were with us inside the Lodge. Their energy transcended physical boundaries and permeated the singing and prayers we were engaged in.

What were they doing? They were Being. And, in their Being, without realizing it, they were doing quite a lot. We humans can be so silly when we start thinking these bodies that house us are anything more than vibrating light particles that aren’t necessarily bound to the maya of time and space.

In the 12-step community, they say that sometimes our most important job at a meeting is simply filling a chair; being present.

I think the essence of that whole, “Do nothing/Just Be” teaching, is that when I relax and disengage my agenda driven mind, an opening for Spirit to flow thru, is created.

So many of the folks who’ve had a deep impact upon me had no idea they were doing so. They were simply being their authentic selves, and without knowing it, were channels for Spirit to teach people like myself. 

I think it was Plato who said, “What I do is me, for this I came.”

When I’m simply Being and not trying to convert, coerce, or convince anyone of anything, I am free from being attached to any result or expectation. I can just flow naturally and let Spirit do its business, leaving me free to enjoy my own. Almost sounds too easy.

No effort? No striving? Just allowing? Man… a person’s ego could starve on a diet of Being.