Who Controls Our Food Supply?

Are you concerned about the future of food? As planetary citizens, we know that a food crisis exists, that millions go hungry, or rely on charity to eat, that industrial agriculture has devastated the quality of our soil.

Until we become "breatharians”, our bodies need fuel. Ideally, they thrive on genuine health-giving food, grown with love and care. However, this is not our larger collective reality. Today we must learn how to protect ourselves from toxic substances posing as food.

The harsh facts about our food supply is that giant international bio-tech companies own almost all of the world’s seeds, except for those still saved by the farmers. One company, Monsanto, owns 90% of world genetically engineered (GE) germplasm. These seeds have been planted in over 46 countries, threatening to destroy the agricultural bio-diversity that has served humanity for thousands of years.

This is the same company that brought the world the most toxic products ever marketed: Agent Orange, PCBs, dioxins, rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone). To ask a rhetorical question, "Is this a company you can trust to safeguard the quality of your food?”

The World According to Monsanto, by renowned French investigative journalist Marie-Monique Robin, is a powerful new documentary. It clearly lays out how this industrial giant has lied and colluded with the American government, using extreme pressure tactics on scientists, who are paid to convince us that GE foods are completely safe. All evidence to the contrary by physicians and other scientists is ignored.

This film, like the book version of the same name, finally presents a cogent and horrifying enough picture of the world’s leading seed manufacturer to warrant concern and fury. Former sheep farmer turned activist, Jose Bove, the hero of France’s anti-globalization movement, calls GE food "malbouffe” or bad food, and was sent to jail for ripping up GE crops.

Can chronically polite Canadians become as enraged as other cultures about the quality of our food?

Sadly, our Canadian government is a zealous proponent of GE food in Africa, touting it as the solution to our food crisis. But there is strong resistance by some of these countries, as they struggle with smaller yields, contaminated soil and sick bodies resulting from the use of GE seed.

With the top three GE foods being corn, soy and canola, and since 70% of all processed foods contain some genetically engineered ingredients, this means that most of the world’s eaters are consuming genetically engineered food on a daily basis.

If we accept this situation without challenging it, we are complicit. The World According to Monsanto is a key educational tool in arousing world resistance to the GE food experiment.

Another well-known environmental and food activist is Vandana Shiva, who walks her talk. For 25 years she has headed Navdanya in her native India, where they are saving seeds, as well as cultivating seeds that will grow with little water. To hear her speak is inspirational. She is armed with much knowledge and the conviction to stand up to bullies, whether from governments, institutions or corporations. Here is Vandana from The World According to Monsanto:

"The second Green Revolution has nothing to do with food security … it is about returns to Monsanto’s profits… patenting is the real aim. …. There’s nothing that they are leaving untouched … once they have established the norm that seed can be owned as their property, royalties can be collected, and we will depend on them for every seed we grow, for every crop we grow. If they control seed, they control food… it’s strategic, it’s more powerful than bombs, more powerful than guns, and it’s the best way to control the populations of the world.”

The World According to Monsanto is in the video stores now. If it is not in the store closest to you, explain to these shop-keepers that the issue of who controls our food is an issue that concerns everyone who eats. You can also watch the movie online.

Actions we can do at home regarding this issue: Write letters to our MPs saying NO to GE food, and tell them about the movie. Tell others about the movie, which can be efficiently done via email. Talk about this all important issue at gatherings. (reality instead of superficial chit-chat). Create petitions against GE food, and place them (with permission) in food stores.

With Vandana Shiva as inspiration, more of us need to step forth and stand up to the food bullies.

Tsiporah is a Gabriolan of 34 years and keen observer of our times and our evolutionary potential as compassionate human beings. She is now focusing on food.