Why Do We Have Relationships?

Does God have a good sense of humour? Does she enjoy watching couples struggle to learn about love through relationships? Are the Angels placing bets on the outcomes? "Well since he is selfish and she is stubborn, I bet they only last 7 years”.

Actually, they are always there to support us and to help us understand why we have relationships. Is it for companionship, security, sex, or to raise a family or just for fun? While including all of the above, relationships are also about improving ourselves through our love experiences.

Our partner becomes our teacher and together we learn, grow and improve ourselves. It is not a material improvement rather it is about becoming a better person. It is not about changing our partner because that is their responsibility; instead, it is about transforming ourselves. Easy love is fun while the tough love challenges us to learn. When our partner seems selfish, stubborn, boring, or mean we are seeing a part of ourselves that we might be afraid to face.

Relationships mirror our strengths and weaknesses and it is up to us to admit to our weaknesses. However, our loving partner will usually point out these weaknesses when we fail to see them ourselves – right dear. Once we recognize them, it is up to us to learn and improve. We might need to become more patient, compassionate, caring, loving or a better listener.

If relationships provide us with an opportunity to learn, then is there such a thing as a perfect relationship or the ideal partner? Some people might be waiting for their soul mate to magically appear, meanwhile their last partner was teaching them all about unconditional love. If you believe in reincarnation, then we could have many soul mates. Taking into account all of our lifetimes, we could be considered promiscuous, since we probably have been intimate with most of them already.

If everything happens for a reason then our current relationship was meant to happen, along with the lessons that we need to learn. With a divorce rate approaching 50%, perhaps we make it too easy to end a relationship. When the going gets tough, too many of us just get up and go. Now some relationships might need to end, including abusive ones or relationships where the partners stop growing together. However, if we do not pass our love lessons then the universe will happily arrange another teacher and another and another, until we get through the curriculum.

If you are not in a relationship now, ask the universe for help and then be patient. Your order will be processed according to yours and your partner’s specific needs. This does not mean we need to wait until we are in a romantic relationship before we start improving ourselves. Our relationships with family and friends also help teach us about love. However, our intimate partners really know how to press our "on” and "off” buttons and so they tend to become our best teachers. I guess God really does have a good sense of humour because he gave women more "on” and "off” buttons than men. He also did not provide an instruction manual, because he knew men would not read it anyway!