Why Eat Local Food?

This is adapted from website http://100miledietnanaimo.com

Here’s some reasons to eat more local products:

  • It promotes a more environmentally sustainable food system. According to 100milediet.org, a study in Iowa found that a regional diet consumed 17 times less oil and gas than a typical diet based on food shipped across the country. Big agro-corporations also tend to use huge amounts of pesticides and other chemicals that end up in the groundwater.
  • It reduces carbon emissions from long-distance transport of food, especially by airplane.
  • It ensures a more stable and reliable food source. Food security is a big issue here. If you haven’t noticed, we live on an island, which means that if we’re not growing it here anymore, that means we’re dependent on someone else to grow it and bring it over here. We have become dependent on others to make sure than there is a ready and sufficient food supply for us.
  • It helps local farmers and the local economy. The money that you spend on produce at a local farm tends to stay in the local economy.
  • By eating seasonally and locally, you can be part of a more balanced food culture. Reconnect with food and embrace the joy of having a real meal at the dinner table.
  • Local products offer more variety than do agro-corporations. Instead of growing the same limited and shrinking variety of fruits and vegetables, local farmers can grow a wider range of produce including heirloom and specialty items. You’ll find produce and varieties that agro-corporations won’t grow because it doesn’t line their pockets with enough money.
  • Have a better idea of what you’re eating. What pesticides and herbicides were used? Is that tomato a GMO? Was your chicken raised free-ranged or in cage? A local farmer will be happy to talk to you about their crop.
  • It promotes more whole foods and less processed foods.
  • It helps re-establish the relationship between food producers and food consumers. Have you hugged a farmer today?
  • It tastes better and is better for you. The longer produce takes to get from the farm to your plate, the more it degrades and loses it’s nutritional value. Also, most fruits are picked green and left to ripen while they take that long trip over 1500 miles to get to you. Either that or they gas them to make them look ripe. How appetizing is that?