Why the Recession is Good for You

 A recession is nothing more than taking the time to re-tool, to go inside and see what needs to be done so you can live more abundantly.

Last month we were talking to a tradesperson, who was having anxieties over the apparent recession because contracts were shriveling up. He was saying, “I can’t relax” and he was anxious about his family and paying bills.

We told him, “You are handling this completely wrong, you need to relax. You need to be yourself, you need to continue to give of yourself, whether that means spending money on certain things that you need to get or working on things you need to work on. You need to nourish yourself. If you do that, at the same time this will open up the receiving end of things and you get what you need.”

He came back to us within a week’s time and said, “Well, I took your suggestions and now I’ve got contract work for the next five months and I’ve got more jobs coming in after that.”

When people are getting laid off jobs that they have held for a number of years, they feel panicky. They are listening to fear and saying how bad it is. But it is not bad …. It is telling you that you never really belonged doing that particular job or in that particular capacity. It means that you need to do something new, you need to evolve. You need to do something for yourself and your livelihood, while at the same time doing something that contributes to your community. So this seemingly forced change is really an opportunity to let go of who you think you are.  

By being courageous and open we can end the recession for ourselves. This ‘recession’ of regressive energy drains us from being ourselves, from living, from spending, from being progressive in our lives. In order to receive physical vitality, fulfilling work, or in order have open and vital family inter-relations, everyone in their own way needs to be unafraid of living. We need to embrace or receive this recession as a gift because it is there for a reason. To ‘live consciously in a recession’ you need to give energetically and practically of your self in order to reciprocally receive.  

Receiving is often the toughest exercise. When we hold on to our money we hold on to ourselves, we are shrinking back from life and we are closing our hearts to receiving. The whole world is doing this and creating this widespread so called ‘recession’. Receiving means to extend your self to whatever possibilities exist or can be created. Receiving means opening your arms to embrace one another, whether it is purchasing an item at a local store, giving a requested idea of hope to someone or smiling and sending out progressive energy to the person on the street. It is feeling genuinely progressive about your self and therefore the world. 

The world changes one person at a time, and as such the recession changes to progression, one person at a time. As we open our hearts to receiving and giving we learn to live freely. We realize we no longer need to live caged by the greed called a ‘recession’.