With Spring

With spring comes a time for renewal and new growth. As we stretch our arms and take a deep breath, our bodies start to feel the energy that comes with longer days and having more sunlight. My own inner clock keeps time with the sun coming up, and I can hear the garden begin to call.

As all this takes place, it’s time to quietly put away our memories of winter and get ready to begin the next loop of the spiral. As some of our previous ideas sprout new roots and take us to the next level, we often sit in amazement and watch as the old idea transforms to something we may not have even thought of before. Like a seed planted deeply in the soil, sometimes our ideas are just waiting for the touch of new light to come to life, surprising even ourselves. Another reason to look at how blessed we are to be part of a universe that runs so smoothly and yet is ever changing.

As an artist, I look forward to this time of year as it’s usually a time of accomplishment for me. Because I love the garden, I find a lot of my inspiration there. I never tire of watching creation at work. As the little seeds poke their heads above the ground and the magnificent colours begin to show, I can’t wait to get into my studio and try to recreate the beauty I’ve just witnessed so I can share it with others.

I appreciate living in a land where we have gardens and spaces to observe this growth, and feel inspired to try to give something back. In art, this may be in sharing a painting; in the garden it’s usually composting! But sharing whatever I can is one of the things that brings me peace.

The light of spring is refreshing as it flashes bits of colour that we’ve missed in the winter while we lived through gray, cloudy days absent of sun. It’s fun to watch the morning sun hit the flowers and see the gentle blues and greens, and then see how it changes in the afternoon light when the bright yellows and golds start to show up. The same scene in the evening may show a pinkish, lavender glow, and as I watch that change take place, I marvel at the idea that even colours change. Colour is a part of nature’s miracle that constantly intrigues me.

Another miracle that happens in spring is the way it gives everyone a psychological boost. In the last stages of winter, everything seems to look black, white and gray. The resurgence of colour is often just what we need to perk us up. Sunlight and longer days get us out of our houses and we’re more likely to interact with our neighbours and friends.

I like living in a seasonal environment; the difference you feel as each new season comes and allows you to put the last one behind it. I believe it helps us to appreciate more, because we have the experiences of good weather and bad, much sunlight and little, and spending our time outdoors or staying inside. I don’t think we’d feel the same in one long season – although I would love the chance to explore that. In the meantime, I am content, and ready to get busy!