Working the Positive

I come to the ocean for clarity. I am attracted by its energy. It lulls me back to a place of truth deep within myself, if only temporarily. A place that I’ve lost track of; again. Too busy in the daily grind to remember. I know I’m off track – I feel it. I need to make adjustments; again.

When I used to teach people about vision, I would describe the scenario of buying a new vehicle. Anyone who has done so knows that as soon as you start considering a particular model, all of a sudden you start seeing it everywhere. Interestingly, you really hadn’t noticed it before.

As the saying goes, "what you focus on increases”. This can work in both the negative and positive. Right now, I must admit that I’m working it in the negative. What I’m focusing on – my discontent – keeps increasing.

I need to shift the focus of my attention. I know this. I believe this. Now I must do this, for my own sanity and the well being of those around me.

So, what do I shift my focus to? I need to invest less energy in what’s not working, and more onto what is working. That’s what I want more of.

As I start to think of examples of what’s working, it instantly makes me feel better. There are many things working in my life. I have a lot to be grateful for.

What’s working? My little family. I like my colleagues. Any given week, I am able to spend time at or on the ocean. I have fresh air to breathe. I live in a comfortable house. I have great neighbours. I am surrounded by nature’s beauty. I have enough.

What do I already have but want to create more of? Time. A sense of freedom. Meaning. Peace. Joy. Passion. My own personal space. Inspiration. Courage. Knowledge. Wisdom.

If you’re like me, you may have trouble with this type of exercise. For example, every time you record something that is working, or that you want more of, you may find that nasty three letter word naturally follows…BUT. Next comes an emphasis on the negative. On something that you’re lacking. Which takes you back into the negative cycle again.

We all know people who live their entire lives in the cycle of negativity. They never have enough. They are never satisfied. There is always something to complain about. I easily go to that place of seeing the problems. And when I’m there I feel my life energy being sucked out of me. I see that I suck the life energy out of others.

It is work for people like me to stay focused on what I want to attract more of. But when I choose to shift my attention, I do see results. I am blessed. I am cursed. It all depends on how I want to focus my attention. And whatever that looks like, I will undoubtedly attract more of it.