Would You Vote For Obama If He Slouched?

Picture this: It’s Fall 2008 and the US Federal election race is in full-tilt. On the TV, Obama is speaking from the platform. Same powerful words, same inspiring message…except, he’s slumped.

At his diaphragm level, he’s folded. Because of this, his shoulders curl in towards the chest and his head sticks forward towards the mic.

Would he have the same impact? Would he inspire a majority vote? Would you trust him to lead the most powerful nation on the planet?

You may still love him, find his message inspiring, want to have him over for dinner and treat him like a king… but chances are you wouldn’t trust him with your taxes.

Why? Because his verbal message conflicts with his body’s message. His words are saying “I’m a leader.” His body is saying “I don’t believe in myself.” “I’m not really worth it.” “I’m not sure I can actually do this.”

I see this all the time. Women who have so much inner wealth to share, and yet don’t support their message by holding themselves in their fullest majesty.

What’s happening here? Many people don’t realize that their psychology is directly reflected in how they hold themselves. Folding at the diaphragm and collapsing at the core sends a clear message that you’re not confident.

More importantly, if you’re slumping, it’s really, really hard for you to feel and be confident. Why?  Because your core is where your solar plexus energy centre (or chakra) is located.

Your solar plexus centre is all about being seen and heard in the world. It’s about having something to say and the strength of personality to say it. Your solar plexus is where your creativity comes through the lense of your uniqueness.

In a way, this is where your genius becomes uniquely you.

When it comes time to sharing their genius with the world (which, by the way, is the whole point), many women hold back because they’re too shy for all the attention. I can almost guarantee that if this is happening, they’re not holding themselves with majesty in their solar plexus. They’re crumpling their identity and saying “who am I to have something to share?”

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? “ -Marianne Williamson

Increasing your confidence and your impact is not rocket-science. It starts as simply as this:

Imagine that your rib-cage and up are a giant weight that you’re lifting at the gym. Extend through your core to lift that weight. Now, relax your shoulders…relax into the feeling of this length and strength. Don’t be stiff about it.

Start with that. That’s it. If you can truly make this shift and sustain it, you will notice that your personality gets stronger. And that you hold-back less, and express yourself more. The world wants what you have to say. So say it.

Karen McMullen guides professionals who feel drained to tap into their innate brilliance. She lives in Victoria and speaks throughout North America.