Your Shape

We all have different body shapes, we are different sizes, we have different areas of our bodies we like (or dislike) more than others, and we all have our individual body issues.

As our appearance is what we see each day in the mirror, and what we think others focus on, we tend to spend a lot of time trying to change any flaws we see in ourself physically. How many hours have you spent in your lifetime (or in the last month), thinking about changing a physical aspect of yourself? Maybe it is to lose some weight, tone up your arms, lose your post-baby tummy, get a face lift, brow wax etc.

Really think about that. The number of times is probably quite high. Add up the hours we spend talking to others about the changes we want to make… admit it ladies, the number is high. We spend so many hours thinking of it. Conversely, how many hours do we spend thinking of the good things about ourselves? Do we talk for hours to our friends about how funny we are or how we are kind or have great eyes or hair? Why not?

How many hours do we spend actually doing something about the changes we want to make? We cannot even find the time to spend 4 minutes a day to journal our food intake, go for a 10 minute walk, or run to the store for the salad we wanted to make for dinner (so instead we ordered pizza), but we might have talked about it for an hour that day over lunch. Sound familiar? Don’t just talk about it, our words are heard all the time whether we speak them out loud to others, or think them to ourselves. Rather than talking about it – just do it!

Take the challenge. Channel your energy and make yourself a priority – you are a strong and capable person! When we need to do something for our work or family, it gets done, doesn’t it? Stop talking about it and make a plan and follow through. It may take time to make changes, a slow weight loss, a new exercise challenge, walking 20 minutes of day. You will feel wonderful and strong soon and you will be so proud of yourself – you did it and you can shout it out!

Whatever shape you are in now – stand up for that as well. It is you. You are in your body, even if you are in a place that you would like to change, your body is a part of you

and you need to love it, support it, and tell yourself and others that even "if" you need to lose a few pounds, or you have a tummy- who cares?! You are a wonderful person now and deserve everything you would get even if you were ’perfect’. Remember, no one is perfect. And those we look at as such, most likely have their own body issues.

Love yourself, be strong with where your body is now; and, if you want

those changes, be strong and make yourself a priority. Change what you can and accept what you cannot change. Be ’You’ now and simply. Aim to be the best "You” can be. What that is, is up to you to realistically strive for and attain.

Make some decisions, state them, follow through and reach those goals. Be that person. The best you can be is a wonderful place to be. You CAN do it.

Tara McNeil, owner of "The Shape You’re In" has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off. Through personal experience and formal education she has many strategies that help with weight loss.