Your Shape – Fall Changes

Another summer has passed and so ends the BBQ’s, camping weekends, endless out of town guests, and days on the deck drinking beer or coolers. With the passing of summer how many pounds did you gain or how little exercise did you get? For some, an extra 5 pounds plus could have creeped on. We often do not eat as well as we do in the winter when it is hot. The unplanned stop for an ice cream, the potato salad, an extra smokie, or one (or two) too many alcoholic drinks slowly add up to a few pounds gained by the end of the summer. Also in the summer, many of us plan to exercise but the heat or a busy day keeps us away from our workout.

Sound like your summer? Don’t despair, with little changes you can get rid of the gain in no time (and start thinking about Christmas and all the baking that is just around the corner – ha ha). Watching our weight through the seasons is an endless thing isn’t

it? Anyways that is off the topic, but as one must realize, there will always be events or situations the make eating and drinking too much an issue so we have to make some changes that are easy to adopt and live with so we do not have to always have this battle.

When we gain weight it can be due to eating slightly more on a regular basis, exercising less than we need to, or a downright binge event where we eat everything we want and then some for a few days or weeks and then almost have a heart attack when we weight ourselves. When we eat a little more than our body needs each day we do not notice it, but in time it will be noticed on the scale. The same goes for eating a little less each day. We may not lose the 1-2 pounds a week we desire (or 5 a week we wish for.), but it is slow and steady, the pain is minimal, and it does not feel like a strict diet. Did you know that eating 100 calories less per day than you normally do amounts to approx. 10 pounds a year? 200 calories – 20 pounds and so on.

Not that big of a change considering many women eat 2000+ calories a day. Now I hear many of you denying that sentence – NOT ME – I do not eat near that much! We do. journal for a few days – (not salad only days) and see. It is not hard to do if you are not watching what you eat. For example a plate of nachos, fish and chips, and order of ribs, a large deluxe burger and fries all can run 1000-2000 calories and that is only one meal. By not acknowledging what we eat daily is why many of us are heavy – the reality check may be all we need.

After you see what is ’average’ for you, start cutting out one cookie a day, ¼ of your pork chop, ¼ less of a sandwich, switch to diet pop, drink only 2 glasses of wine instead of 3, cut down to 1 cup of pasta and you will over time start to lose without dieting. Don’t cut everything out at once – you will feel deprived. Figure out what you normally eat and make a FEW changes AND cut back a BIT. Eat only veggies once or twice a week for dinner with your meat, or have an open face sandwich. There are so many ways to cut calories and not feel like you are dieting – you just have to think of them (and do them) and you WILL lose weight.

REMEMBER whatever your average calorie intake is, if you cut 100 cal. a day you will lose 10 pounds this year, cut 300 calories a day – 30 pounds!