Your Yoga Pose

Baddha Konasana and Supta Baddha Konasana

These poses, closely cousined in their gifts, ground and balance our interior world and soothe the belly, our "second brain". They also address tight groins and hips and prepare us for the next level of challenge: padmasana or lotus pose, malasana, the garland and full gomukhasana,cow face pose.

Props you might need:

• two ten pound sand bags. Don’t be too fussy about this. Just go to a garden place that sells clean sand. Leave the beaches alone…Put the sand in plastic bags, tie it tight and put that in a pillow case. VOILA! You’ll use them a lot.

• folded blankets. You’ll have to experiment with the height that is good for you. I’ll make some suggestions under Modifications to the poses.

• a yoga belt or a belt or strap you can buckle or tie.

Baddha Konasana:

1. Sit with your back to the wall and have the blankets and belt beside you. Press your sits bones back and down to sit up. Lengthen your legs in front of you.

2. Bend your knees and slide the soles of your feet together. Bring your folded feet toward you as far as you can. Let your knees lengthen away from their hip sockets. If your knees are higher than your frontal hip crests, sit on one or more blankets.

3. Lift your sits bones and snuggle them back and out behind you.and onto the wall. Adjust your upper back body so that your upper middle ( thoracic ) spine is well lifted and the shoulder blades are broadened and released to the back waist. Lift your breast bone. Spread the collar bones wide.

4. If you can do so, without losing the lift of the chest, reach your big toes and clasp them with your long and index fingers and thumb encircling. If that means you fold over in the spine and under the rib cage, use your belt to encircle the little toe side of the feet and hold the belt in separate hands to stay upright.

5. Keep the underside of your chin level with the floor. face relaxed and inner mouth open , hollow and soft.

6. Stay for anything up tp 5 minutes. Do this as often as you can. Get off the couch and onto the floor when you are watching a film or reading a book, sit in baddha konasana.


menstrual relief as well as for some menopausal symptoms. Good for flat feet too. Excellent preparation for birthing.

The gifts of this pose is the steady release in the hips and groins. And the soft belly which offers the organs both release as well as providing renewed energy to stimulate the organs to function more efficiently.

Modifications to the pose

If the inner groins or knees are unhappy, chances are that you need to fold two blankets the same height and place them under the outer thighs , close to the hip socket.

Supta Baddha Konasana:

is a restorative pose for fatigue, anxiety and mild depression.

From Badha Konasana( above):

1. Make a huge loop with your strap. If you are tying a scarf, wait to see the length you need. Slide the strap or belt across your sacrum which is the bony plates at your spine below your waist. Then place the strap over the top of your leg, at the crease where it joins your hip, and under the little toe side of your feet from inside the knees. So the thighs are held somewhat down and the low back at the sacrum is held upright. This should feel good. Now tighten the strap and if you are tying a knot, do it now.

2. Make a long tube of either a rolled blanket or a narrowly folded one at least as long as your spine. If it is longer just fold the extra bit at the end to support your head. Slide back onto your elbows, slide your buttocks onto the floor. Lay back on the rolled or folded blanket. If your head is falling back so that your forehead is higher than your chin, fold another blanket or bath towel to support the back of the head.

3. Release your arms out to the sides, palms facing up. Separate the inner thighs away from each other, Press the thighs long and away from the hip socket. Support under the thighs if the inner groins are really unhappy. or if the knees are injured. If you want to use your sand bags, place them lengthwise along the thigh bones like a letter V at the head of each thigh bone. Always support the knees if you are using weight to release the groins.

4. Close your eyes, take your awareness inward and downward to the centre of the chest. What BKS Iyengar calls " the abode of the self". Watch the breath fill the front body with easeful energy.


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